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Model: SL 380 Outdoor High Lifter
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Used Hyundai Forklifts - Inventory Alberta top

Used Hyundai Forklifts - Inventory Alberta

Electric Forklift - A 100% AC or alternating current electric forklift is the Hyundai 7 series. It has been designed for fast travel speed, reliability and exceptional maneuverability. It is suitable for warehousing applications, and receiving and shipping operations.

For operators who load and unload delivery trucks and containers frequently, the electric forklift is the kind which is used most. They are widely utilized by those who have to maneuver under low overhead clearances or in tight aisle spaces. Hyundai makes the electric forklift in both cushion and pneumatic tire designs, making it the perfect choice for rough surface settings.

Electric Reach Truck - Regardless of whether you are searching for pantograph kind reach trucks or sit down or stand on narrow aisle moving mast trucks, Hyundai Forklift can take care of all your needs with their high quality design. They have been constructed to increase operator efficiency and relieve operator fatigue. The Hyundai 7 Series Reach Trucks are designed ergonomically and smooth running. They have been designed to provide optimal power and excellent performance. The 7 series have load capacities which range from 2000 lbs. to 5000 lbs.

Electric Order Picker - The new Hyundai BOP Series Order Picker has been made with productivity and performance in mind. This model is available in 2200 lbs. and 3000 lbs. capacity choices complete with AC drive and pump motors, an electric power steering, and a Zapi Controller.

Electric Forklifts
Conventional gas forklifts are not going to be as useful and cost efficient as an electric powered kind for indoor work applications like for instance inside stores or in warehousing atmosphere. Electric forklifts use electric batteries rather than gas and are made to work and look like the gas models.

There are some reasons why electric forklifts are great to utilize. Even though their costs are usually higher initially, they save you money on fuel costs in the long run. Particularly when gas prices are higher, you would save lots of money. Electric forklifts also tend to last quite a bit longer than gas forklifts. Another huge benefit is that since there are no fumes, they are especially great for indoor applications such as storage units and warehouses. It is really not safe to use diesel or gas based forklifts indoors for reasons which are really obvious.

The model 160D-7E built by the company Hyundai is a two wheel drive lift truck in Alberta. This unit has a diesel powered engine and has the ability to lift a maximum of 36000 lbs...

The Hyundai 50D-7E in Alberta is a diesel powered two wheel drive lift truck. The max lifting ability of this Hyundai unit is 10000 pounds and utilizes a straight boom, which has a lifting height...

The 45DS-7E unit produced by the company Hyundai is a two wheel drive lift truck in Alberta. This unit has a diesel powered engine and has the capacity to lift a maximum of 9000 lbs...

The lifting capacity of the 40DS-7E from Hyundai in Alberta is 8000 pounds. The 40DS-7E model contains a diesel powered engine and a straight boom that stretches out to 188 ft.

The lifting ability of the Hyundai 30D-7E in Alberta is 6000 pounds. Some of the other notable features of the 30D-7E are: 188 ft lifting height, a straight boom, and a diesel engine.

The Hyundai 110D-7E model in Alberta is a diesel powered two wheel drive lift truck. The maximum lifting ability of this Hyundai model is 25000 lbs and makes use of a straight boom, which has...
Hyundai Used Forklifts
Hyundai Forklifts are designed to provide supreme comfort and amazing stability. They are designed with a heavy duty single unit frame that helps to assure a smooth ride. Regardless of what application you require the...
Hyundai Lift Trucks
Providing extreme quality and comfort are the Hyundai Electric and IC forklift trucks. Some of the top priorities in the machine design include safety and high durability. There are more than 70 different models of...
Hyundai End Control Forklifts
End Control Forklifts AC stand-up end control forklift trucks are popular in the material handling industry for their extreme flexibility. These equipment have great performance characteristics which are somewhat similar to sit-down electric lift truck...
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